Working with Kimberly is like sitting down with an old friend. Kimberly has a way of establishing an immediate connection with her clients that allows them to feel comfortable and safe. 

Those times when life seems to be overwhelming are the times a Life Coach is needed most. It is in those times of crisis that Kimberly is able to assist her clients with calming the storm that threatens to engulf them.

"Acceptance is the key to happiness. When we judge a situation it is impossible to be accepting and keeps us stuck in the past. Such is the case when grieving." ~Kimberly

Life Coaching can be for a short time, or ongoing as needed. Every situation is different and each individual has unique needs. Life coaching sessions are customized to accommodate for those needs.


Now accepting life coaching customers for January, 2018!

Life Coaching - Level 1

Bundle includes one 30-minute phone call and one follow-up email.

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Life Coaching - Level 2

Bundle includes two 30-minute phone calls and three follow-up emails.

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Life Coaching - Level 3

Bundle includes three 30-minute phone calls and one daily email for a week.

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Life Coaching - Level 4

Customized monthly subscription. Kimberly will contact you directly to make arrangements.

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