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I can still recall being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was five years old and said that I wanted to be an artist. I became an artist and worked in graphic design for many years. What I remember most about those years were the people I helped, not the things I created. In 1989 I made a decision that changed my life forever. I packed a bag and moved 1200 miles northeast of my home and put down new roots in Northern New York. I started designing the life I wanted to live.

After studying Holistic Nutrition, my natural intuition and insight led me down the road of the Psychic Medium. This was not a planned career move, but more of a supernatural occurrence. While studying Holistic Nutrition, my natural curiosity found me studying Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, EFT, Herbology, Shamanism, transcendental meditation and other modes of "alternative healing". Each time I finished coursework, certifications or workshops, my sense of peace and well-being would improve. This phenomenon fueled my desire to learn more.

I began working with essential oils and found that combining essential oils with good nutrition and meditation was reducing health issues that had plagued me. Not only that, but my intuition was much more clear. Now I needed to share with others so I began holding workshops. This led to numerous invitations for speaking engagements and I started offering my services for private parties and public events.

I have always had a 'sense of knowing', they call it Clairsentience. Although I am also very clairvoyant. I connect with others emotional bodies and through Clairsentience and Clairvoyance can tap into what is happening and assist in finding clarity to situations. I do believe that I am meant to help others find their peace and joy.

More than anything, I am just a spiritual being on a human adventure enjoying this life. Making joy a habit is my mantra and it can be yours also.

You can also follow my photography at Walkabout Chronicles.


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