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Kim was amazing, I'm so glad to have contacted her. Talking about my animal totem and how it pertains to me was very insightful and very acurate. During my soul retrieval, I connected with my past very easily with Kim's assistance. I cannot thank her enough and I will definitely stay in touch with her and use her again. I highy recommend her to anyone searching for answers.
Aug 25, 2014 by James Smith



I am so glad to have gotten a reading by Kim! She was very precise on so many things. I was brought to tears several times. The reason for the tears was I knew for certain that what she told me could only be answered by my departed love one. The time flew too quickly by. I fully intend to get another reading from Kim. I would recommend her highly to everyone.
Apr 22, 2013 by Carol Webster



I just wanted to tell you that you were right with your reading. I'm sorry I had a hard time believing all of it. For what its worth thank you for trying to tell me the truth even if I didn't want to hear it all. I sincerely apologize. Blessings xx




Wow you are so right on!!! This is why I love getting readings from you.




Thank you it helps. and Your spot on pretty much EVERYTHING you said..and I am medically retired and injured so I dont work, but I have been thinking about changing that and I think this helped alot. thanks so much for your time ..I am shocked ..well not really..




Awe Thanks Kimberly. You are right. I just had a blow from a love interest which is causing me to question my self. A big hurtle to overcome for me now. The Solar plexis keeps coming up for me as I read and continue my spiritual journey. That is learning to self heal and unblock that area.

The heads up on the internship is interesting. When the situation comes up I will take a more thoughtful approach. I am doing alot of reading and what is being said is to align with the right people.

So I will take this reading in and appreciate the time spent on it.





Hi Kimberly, I wanted to get back to you and tell you how accurate your reading is. You are right! I am a caretaker. My house is the one that everyone comes to when
they need a place to stay. My married son and his family lived with us for two years, and my other son moved in with his children while he was going through a divorce. I also had my parents live here for three months after my dad's heart attack. As far 
as you seeing me in a group of people laughing..I have a trip planned in Jan 2014 
to Punta Cana with my sister and a group of doctors and their families. I have 
started .taking trips without my husband. Not all the time, but just to have fun. 
I will take your advice and not make any changes this year. Will see what next year 
has in store for me. Many blessings to you also!




Hi Kimberly, 
Sorry it took me a little bit to get back to you. I wanted to let the info set before I responded. First I would like to say Thank You, I greatly appreciate your time doing this for me. I also would like to thank you for addressing both topics. I was jot expecting that. It was a pleasant surprise.  second. You are right on in regards to my use with tools. I have many tools, I just can't figure out which is my best tool. I am all over on that. You gave me reason as to why, Me.. I just need to figure out hoe to use that. I believe when I do I will find my true calling. As in regards to not letting people in that is also right on. The energy I get from them usually drains me dry so I push people away 

Now in regard to my mother also right on. The fact that I'm sorry was so right on. I have been struggling and crying for her and how I wish I could call her and hear her advice right now. I got teary eyes  you are correct we did NOT agree and we were SO much alike I moved out when I was a teenager. She would raise her eyebrows as she said Trisha Maye... Hehe. She is also correct I do somehow manage to put obstacles in my own way. She is correct. As well as her having the last say through you in saying "not listening to her" that's so my mother.  
I can't thank you enough. It was very kind of you.




Hello, I just wanted to say that Kimberly Ward did a one question reading and I was so happy with her response! I provided minimal information to her and she included information no one knew in her response! Thanks so much Kim! You have truly helped me make a choice that has weighed heavy on my  heart.

I am so glad to have gotten a reading by Kim! She was very precise on so many things. I was brought to tears several times. The reason for the tears was I knew for certain that what she told me could only be answered by my departed love one. The time flew too quickly by. I fully intend to get another reading from Kim. I would recommend her highly to everyone.
~Carol Webster

I knew there was something missing in my life. I received a message that it was some of my soul, and to contact Kim to help me get it back. She promptly scheduled some time with me and we started this journey together. She told me things that no one knew except me, and the memories that she brought up were just what was laying on my heart at the time. I have started healing because of this wonderful spirited woman. Today was the first time that I looked into the mirror and loved what I saw.
~Susan Fix

I truly enjoyed the.reading I received. It hit home on many levels. I will see how 
things play out, but I feel Kim was dead on. What a wonderful reader! Great joy! 
She is fun, witty, and made me feel quite comfortable. Thank you, Kim!
Kim has a nice way of explaining each of the cards and the reading has given 
me insight into what I need to do on a personal level and what I might expect
in terms of my business in the future.
I found Kimberly to be very direct and to the point. There was no vagueness or 
attempt at a dry reading. The things she picked up on that had happened was 
spot on, and her predictions felt right. She made some short term predictions 
with dates and I plan on do a follow up reading in a few months. I would 
recommend her services to anyone wanting a straight forward reading.
~ Jeffrey Simmons


Kim was very insightful, and had some really good suggestions for me to help me 
move forward on my spiritual path. Her approach was genuine, and I felt very 
comfortable talking with her. I hope to be able to spend more time with her at 
some point. Thank you, Kim. 
~ kathy fusco


WOW! what an experience. I have to admit that I was skeptical, but Kim was right 
on target with her reading. She gave me plenty to think about as I continue on my
journey...Thank you Kim...Many blessings for continued success
~ Robin Bettis



Amazed! You hit the nail right on the head regarding what is going on in my

life right now. Completely surprised me and I wasn't even saying anything to you,

just sitting there! I will definately see you again in the future. I'm a believer!

~ Reata



I could be the poster child for people who avoid inner-reflection at all costs so my

first response honestly was "why did I ask?" . . . LOL. But, I have to thank you because you are dead-on and gave me some things to think about. I shared this with my daughter (who probably knows me better than anyone) and her reaction was the same as mine - couldn't believe how accurate everything you said was. We had actually had a conversation last week where I was warning her about how to empathize with people she cares about without taking on their problems as her own - she will exhaust herself/burn herself out. Told her I learned this from years of experience being the one in the family that was looked to to fix everyone's problems. Learned to do this but in a practical, logical way without getting all mixed in emotionally. Thus the detachment; completely by design. Thank you again and I think you have a truly special gift. So amazing that you get to share that gift with others.




Thank you for your message of guidance. You are exactly correct and I value the feedback. My understanding is Crystal Clear and the message resonates.




To say this experience has been the best money I've ever spent almost does not do the work you do justice. To say that this experience has brought about positive change, LIFE changing events and LOVE in abundance is an understatement. I am and ever will be thankful to the Universe for bringing us together and to you for your hard and diligent work for mankind.

~ Cate Robinson



When my mother passed away the end of April I was LOST!!! I could not have made it thru such a tough time without the gifts you shared with me!!! You are truly a genuine spirit and I value you greatly! I believe you have a true gift and was put here on earth to continue to help others, which you do with an open heart and dependable willingness.

~ Laura Nigh



I just wanted to take a moment and share my Experience I shared with Kim . A couple of words come to mind ... Jaw dropping , tears of joy, couldn't believe my ears . She really touched my heart and really made me step back and look at my self in a different perspective. I truly can say I have felt the stress lift off of my shoulders . It took me believing in her words but I did it and I can say I'm very proud of myself for allowing that change . I look forward to future readings . I can truly say I'm a believer  ;-) 
Thanks again !
~ Danyelle 














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