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Soul Retrieval


As a Shamanic Intuitive I view all as a continuation; a constant transformation of shifting thoughts and actions with death a celebration of New Beginnings. Death occurs in many forms and is a word than can invoke a great deal of fear. However, death is a continuation that is visibile all around us as cycles. As Summer gives way to Fall and then to Winter; Spring brings forth new beginnings and rebirth. This is the same type of cycle that we go through as spiritual beings with old thoughts and behaviors dying away to make room for new thoughts and behaviors. Trauma can have a profound effect on our soul. Soul loss can occur at any age and generally follows a traumatic event of some type. Most of the time soul loss is temporary; as an individual heals, the fragmented pieces of the soul return on their own integrating back into the self. However, if the event was traumatic enough the event can be suppressed and the soul loss can leave the individual feeling lost or incomplete. If you feel as though there is something missing in your life and you cannot figure out what it is, you may have experienced soul loss.


I work on a Shamanic level to identify times in your life you may have suffered great loss and as a result left a piece of yourself within the trauma. Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic means of journeying on behalf of the client to reunite them with lost pieces of themselves that resulted from a single event or many events throughout their life. It is possible during the journey to bring back more than one piece of fragmented soul.



Power Animal Retrieval


Power animals can assist as spiritual guides to teach us about adaptation and help us to understand how to respond in a positive manner to our external environment. Animals also teach survival skills so that we are aware of what is going on around us and not blindly run into trouble. If you pay attention to the animals, they are always in a "present moment awareness" and only enter that "fight or flight" mode when in true danger unlike humans who live in "fight or flight" continuously creating chronic stress in their lives.



Cost for Services

Soul Retrieval   $115.00

Power Animal Retrieval   $25.00



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