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Psychic and Medium Readings


I use a unique style of card reading using three separate Oracle Card decks that I combine into one reading. During a reading if there is a loved one who has crossed over that has a message for you they will generally come through. Although there is no guarantee, it is always up to them. Readings are available via Skype, phone or email and must be pre- scheduled. Email me for more information at


Psychic Home Parties are available in Central and Upstate NY. Email me for details at


Dream Interpretation


Most dreams are a reflection of an unresolved emotion or decision. Your dreams

are not as strange as they appear. The subconscious mind gives you visual clues as to the nature of the dream purposely to evoke an emotion. The emotions you feel

in the dream will mirror things that are going on in your waking life. Dream 

Interpretation can help unlock the mystery of your dreams.


Cost for Readings


Readings   $30.00/15 min; $55.00/30 min


Dream Interpretation   $25.00/Per Dream


Email Reading $25.00



All services must be paid prior to scheduling. Please send payment via paypal to: and I will email you when I have received payment to schedule your reading. If you purchase an email reading, after paying simply email your question(s) or dream to:


*These services are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to replace professional medical care or advice. If you are being treated for a chronic illness, please consult with your physician prior to paying for or scheduling an appointment or service. 

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