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ESSENTIAL OILS ~ According to Albert Einstein “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Essential oils carry a vibration and when applied or inhaled they raise vibration and frequency. Essential oils can have a calming or uplifting affect. Click the link to explore my world of Essential oils. Blessings, Kim


SOAPS AND LOTIONS ~ For the very best in True Artisan Soaps and Lotions ~ Handmaidens Garden. Featured at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.


JEWELRY ~ Rootiebird Designs are centered around gemstones that resonate with Chakral, Planetary, Astrological, Numerological, and Elemental vibrations. You can feel the vibrations by just viewing Rootiebird Designs Jewelry. Custom pieces can be created to your specifications.


MERIDIAN TAPPING ~ Calming Your Inner Storm is a Blog written by a very dear friend Cindy Selvaggio Shumaker. If you have ever wanted to learn Meridian Tapping or EFT Calming Your Inner Storm is the place to go.


BELLESPRIT MAGAZINEBellesprit is a free online magazine offering guidance, education, inspiration, and healing along your spiritual path. Bellesprit has their own list of Tested Diamond Psychics and Healers. Including me. ;)



Kimberly is listed in the New York Certified Doreen Virtue Mediums.


BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY ~ Please leave your review or testimonial for Kimberly on this website. There is a form on the page if you follow the link. Thank you and many blessings.



Kimberly is listed among the Tested and Certified Psychics, Mediums and Healers. Voted in the Top 10 of Psychics and Mediums in the World in 2013. 



Kimberly is listed with ESPsychics and can take email readings and occassional on-demand calls when she shows up online.


ASTROLOGY & NUMEROLOGY ~ It's all in the planets, numbers and names. For information on astrology and numerology visit Sharita Star.


PAST LIFE READINGS ~ If you have ever wondered about your past lives, visit FIRE THROUGH SPIRIT and schedule a "Your Soul's Plan" reading with Corbie Mitleid.


Suggested Reading

What to Do When You Are Dead ~ Sondra Sneed
A former Atheist interviews the Source of Infinite Being

A New Earth ~ Eckhart Tolle

The Celestine Prophecy ~ James Redfield

The Shack ~ William P. Young

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness:
Discover How to Escape Your Prison of Pain and Unlock a Life of Freedom ~ Kris Vallotton, Jason Vallotton

Your Soul's Plan ~ Robert Schwartz

Who Moved My Cheese? ~ Spencer Johnson, M.D.

The Secret ~ Rhonda Byrne

More to come..........I am writing my own. :)





















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