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I take the work that I do very seriously and when you are my client you are a part of my family. I approach my work with an open heart and I possess both compassion and empathy. As my client you are assured of the utmost privacy and your information will never be shared. If you write a testimonial it may be used on my website or in my book, so please specify if you wish otherwise. I find in this work that Spirit always gives you what you need, however, it may not be what you were looking for. I make every effort to provide my clients with accurate readings and information as it comes to me and provide a loving approach to delivering the messages. As an ordained minister spiritual counseling is always a part of a session as needed. Much love and blessings on your spiritual path.




Cancellation and Refund Policy


I value your time, please value mine. When you schedule time with me I set aside this time for you without distractions. If you are unable to keep the appointment I will reschedule your time provided I am given 24 hours notice. It is up to you to contact me to reschedule. I cannot chase you down. If there are extenuating circumstances that can be explained as to why you cannot keep your appointment or reschedule and I am notified 24 hours in advance I will issue a full refund minus any fees imposed upon me through paypal. If you are unhappy with a reading or session and contact me within 24 hours I will schedule additional time at no charge to discuss your reading or session and help to provide clarification. If you are still unhappy I will provide a full refund minus any fees I incurred through paypal.


My goal is for you to leave a reading or session feeling good about the experience.


Many Blessings ~ Peace













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