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"Assisting others in achieving Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Wealth"

What is Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Wealth?



New Beginnings Holistic Wellness was founded on the belief that we can all experience spiritual, emotional and physical well-being or 'wealth' when there is balance within all these aspects. Balance begins with awareness, awareness of you, your environment, your feelings, and what is blocking you from achieving what you are capable of, your highest aspirations. Everything is made up of energy including our thoughts and energy can become blocked or stagnant from limiting beliefs, emotional or physical trauma, and toxic substances in our external environment that we come into contact with through ingestion, inhalation and absorption. These toxic substances can also include other people and their toxic thoughts. Our energy interacts with the energy of everything around us including other peoples’ energies. Becoming aware of how these energies and experiences affect personal energy is the first step in discovering your own spiritual, emotional and physical wealth.


New Beginnings Holistic Wellness offers many types of services to assist you in creating balance in your life and teaching you how to "Design the Life you wish to Live". Readings, Soul Retrieval, Dream Interpretation, Reiki/IET/Helix Healing, and Wellness Coaching. My hope for you is a life filled with purpose, abundance, joy and laughter and if I can help you get there, then my life will also be filled with Joy and Gratitude. 







Rev. Kimberly Ward


American Federation Certified Psychic/Medium

Oracle Card Reader

Shamanic Practitioner

Dream Interpreter

Wellness Coach

Reiki Master


"Take charge and design the life you wish to live."

Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation

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